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This course is designed for healthcare providers who conduct or participate in resuscitation of patients in a hospital, medical offices, or in settings where conscious sedation is administered.

It covers identification and treatment of patients with medical conditions who are at risk for cardiac arrest. Primary and secondary assessment survey and actions needed, algorithms for treatment of emergency situations, and effective resuscitation team dynamics.

Arrhythmia recognition is reviewed but it is expected that the student will have a working knowledge of EKG rhythms. Practice with defibrillators and external pacemaker is included. The assessment and care of a patient experiencing an acute coronary syndrome or stroke is also included.

All formats are taught by American Heart Association (AHA) certified instructors and follow the AHA guidelines for the course.

Upon completion passing students receive an American Heart Association ACLS  certification.

This ACLS course is available as a provider, renewal or Skills HeartCode course.

ACLS Provider Class

This format is intended for individuals who do not have an AHA ACLS certification or have expired.

The Provider class is offered in the traditional 2 day format or in a 2 day in 1 format.

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ACLS Renewal Class

This format is intended for individuals who have a current AHA ACLS certification and need to renew. It covers the same material as the ACLS Provider class.

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ACLS Skills Checkoff\HeartCode Class

The Skills Checkoff\Heartcode format is a hybrid format. Students complete the learning modules, sims and written test online and then complete the hands on components with an instructor. The online portion requires an AHA account and activation of a ACLS Heartcode online code. ACLS Online codes can be purchased from EdCor or direct from AHA or an AHA distributor.

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ACLS Self-Study\eLearning

The ACLS Self-Study\eLearning class is based upon a series of AHA eLearning modules. There are a total of 12 modules available. When registering for the class the student can select the modules they would like.

The available modules are

  • ACLS Prep: ECG eLearning Course
  • ALS Advanced ECG Module
  • ACLS Prep: Pharmacology eLearning Course
  • ALS Maternal Cardiac Arrest Module
  • ALS Advanced Airway Management Module
  • ALS Procedural Sedation Module
  • ALS Opiod Module
  • ALS High-Team Performance Teams Module
  • ALS Respiratory Emergencies Modules
  • ALS Part-Cardiac Arrest Care Module
  • ALS Mechanical and Circulatory Systems Module

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Preclass Requirements for Provider and Renewal Formats

  1. The current AHA Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support Student Manual is required for the provider and renewal formats. The manual can be the printed manual or the ebook. The manual can be purchased from EdCor or direct from AHA or an AHA distributor.
  2. Completion of the ACLS Precourse Self-Assessment and Precourse Work. This can be accessed on the EdCor Website at ACLS Precourse Work.

Note: With the 2020 updates there is no longer a code within the cover of the book. You will need to have an account with AHA to access the precourse work. A copy of this will need to be brought to the class or emailed to EdCor at

Browse Common ACLS Questions:

A: Certification is good for 2 years. After that you are required to take recertification class again.
A: Yes you can do do Part 1 online, but a Skills HeartCode is needed to finish certification for the card.
A: YES you can do ACLS Part 1 online, but a Skills HeartCode is needed to finish certification for the card.
A: No, ACLS is a separate certification than BLS. ACLS does cover adult high quality cpr, but does not cover child or infant.
A: Advanced cardiac life support or advanced cardiovascular life support (ACLS) refers to a set of clinical interventions for the urgent treatment of cardiac arrest, stroke and other life-threatening medical emergencies, as well as the knowledge and skills to deploy those interventions.

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