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BLS and CPR Courses: Understanding the difference and selecting the right course in Colorado Springs

Many people searching for “CPR courses near me” or BLS certification” may not know the difference between the two types of training. CPR, short for “cardiopulmonary resuscitation” is the “basic” level course while BLS certification is a professional level course. BLS stands for “basic life support” and it covers more skills and more critical decision making regarding a patient’s condition than are covered in a CPR class. An “AED course” is specific to use of an automated external defibrillator. Professionals in the medical field as well as many first responders will train in all three.

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Choosing between CPR classes near me in Colorado Springs, CO

For those living in Colorado Springs, choosing the right CPR class means everything in terms of quality, consistency and experience. There are even online CPR certification and training options, but, whenever possible, we recommend students complete CPR training in person. Having the opportunity to practice compressions, infant CPR, and the timing of breaths in front of an instructor who can evaluate your performance and provide immediate feedback. For example, compressions on an adult must be significantly greater than when providing infant CPR. Students will work with an AHA approved feedback manikin that provides real-time feedback on the depth and rate of compression to help each student develop the necessary skills to perform proper compressions in the instance of an emergency.

The reality is that knowing what to do and practicing with others with experienced instructors are really two separate things. Our goal is for you to leave your CPR class not only with a CPR certification, but also the confidence and ability to perform the steps necessary to save a life in the event of cardiac arrest. EDCOR recommends you take a course that includes an in-person requirement for just these reasons. A training that utilizes online training for knowledge components and/or repetition and memorization is valuable, but you don’t want to give up the opportunity to complete an in-person portion toward your CPR certification.

Infant CPR

Not all CPR classes require infant CPR, so if you have children, work with children or are commonly in areas where children are present, completing a CPR class that includes a child and infant CPR module is highly recommended. Our Friends and Family CPR course is for anyone in Colorado Springs that wants to learn CPR, but does not require the American Heart Association Certification Card.

OSHA Approved CPR and First Aid Certification

Many worksites require a certain number of workers on site at any given time to have an OSHA approved CPR certification. Any EDCOR provided Heartsaver or BLS class meets or exceeds the OSHA requirement for training. Choose your OSHA approved CPR certification with or without first-aid (as required by your industry) from the courses described below.

American Heart Association CPR Courses

CPR certification training near me in Colorado Springs, CO

American Heart Association Heartsaver class

Many worksites require some employees to maintain a current certification in CPR and/or first aid. Schools, day cares, fitness centers are just some of the organizations that maintain a safety committee and list of employees holding a certification who may be the first to act in the event of a heart attack or injury. These employees should maintain an American Heart Association certification card. The certification demonstrates the employee has received standardized training within a reasonable amount of time to maintain skills in the latest practices.

Heartsaver CPR & AED courses Colorado Springs

This course is designed for anyone that is not a medical professional and who requires an American Heart Association certification card. These individuals may be the first to act in the case of a heart attack at a worksite. The course will over everything in the Heartsaver CPR class and in addition, will cover the use of an AED (Automated External Defibrillator).

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Heartsaver First Aid in Colorado Springs

This course includes both CPR training and first aid training, and results in an American Heart Association certification card. Learn everything in the Hearsaver class as well as first aid basics, how to respond to medical, injury, environmental and opioid based emergencies, and preventing illness and injury. Trainings are provided by AHA certified instructors.

Heartsaver First Aid with CPR and AED Pediatric First Aid with CPR and AED

BLS for the Healthcare Provider in Colorado Springs, CO

Professionals in the healthcare field, complete your BLS certification in any of the following formats: Provider, Renewal, or Skills Heartcode

We will organize any format of the BLS your Colorado Springs location or ours for any group of six or more students.

Upon completion, you will have earned your American Heart Association BLS for Healthcare Providers certification.

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Friends and Family CPR course Colorado Springs, CO

The class covers CPR for adults, children and infants on manikins and you will learn to use a face mask or shield to protect you and the person you are aiding to reduce the risk of passing a germ or illness. This class is an (AHA) American Heart Association CPR class taught by an AHA certified instructor. The class does not require a book, and it results in a certificate of completion, but not an American Heart Association certification CPR and/or First Aid certification card.

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