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Mental Health May

Mental Health

Here at EdCor, we truly do value all aspects of your health. Seeing as May is the national month of mental health awareness, we thought we’d tell you what our staff does to make sure they stay on top of their mental health and self care.

Nathan, EdCor’s Director of Operations, says that he likes to make sure that some days he “eats lunch away from [his] desk” so that when he gets back to work, his mind is clear and his work can be efficient.

, an EdCor instructor, says she likes to “take [her] workouts outside instead of being stuffed inside a gym” and take time to “plan and organize [her] plans to avoid unneeded and avoidable stress.”

Tammy, EdCor’s training center coordinator, says that she takes a simple but useful approach to self care. She likes to take time to enjoy “long bubble baths and movies.”

Jonathan, an EdCor instructor, says he likes “to take time to do things he enjoys” to relieve stress and unwind like “reading, shooting hoops, and watching [his] favorite shows.

We care about you!