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QMAP Certification Near You

The Qualified Medication Administration Personnel (QMAP) class teaches unlicensed staff members to safely administer medications in certain settings where it’s authorized by law.

A QMAP can:

  • Administer medications according to written physician’s orders
  • Maintain proper documentation of the administration of both prescription and non-prescription drugs
  • Use proper techniques when administering medications by various routes
  • Safely and accurately fill and administer medications to and from medication reminder boxes with oversight from a licensed person or qualified manager
  • Administer medications only in authorized settings:
    • Assisted living residences
    • Adult foster care facilities
    • Alternative care facilities
    • Residential child care facilities
    • Secure residential treatment centers
    • State certified adult day programs
    • Program approved service agencies (PASA) serving people with intellectual and developmental disabilities

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