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EdCor is an AHA Training Center that is dedicated to cooperatively working with Training Sites and Instructors to help them stay on the cutting edge of education while keeping instructors up to date with the AHA guidelines and policies.

EdCor does this by holding regular Instructor forum meetings, maintaining communications with instructors of updates, conducting instructor courses, and providing opportunity for growth.

Edcor works with the Training Sites and Instructors, providing site monitoring and site visits to help maintain a high level of quality, compliance, and consistency across all Training Sites.

Persons, entities, training sites, instructors, or organizations affiliated or not affiliated with EdCor may not use, copy, or alter any forms, documents, resources, or information made or distributed by EdCor without the explicit written consent from EdCor. In all cases of permission being granted to a person, entity, training site, instructor, or organization to use a form, document, resource, or information, that person, entity, training site, instructor, or organization may not alter the form, document, resource, or information in any way whatsoever.

EdCor provides tools as well as access to information for Training Sites and Instructors allowing them to focus on the quality of their classes.

  • Online Roster Submission – Enables online roster submission for Training Sites and Instructors allowing for quick issuance of certification cards and future tracking.
  • Common Links/Documents – Links to common sites and documents needed for AHA classes, such as roster forms, evaluation forms, and skills check lists.
  • Custom Forms – Instructors have access to EdCor propriety forms to include eCard Retrieval student handouts and multi student skills checks lists.
  • Availability of Training Center Personnel – We are available to help you with your AHA questions and are here to do more than process rosters.

Walk-Through Tutorial: How to Submit a Roster on Enrollware

EdCor regards the Training Center to Training Site/Instructor relationship as a partnership allowing each of us to focus on delivering high quality medical certification classes to the community.

For questions or additional information, please call us at 303.997.8695 or email Tammy, our Training Center Coordinator, at


EdCor - AHA Certified Training Center
EdCor is an American Heart Association authorized training center for the United States.

Ft. Collins Classes EdCor is now offering BLS and ACLS classes in the Ft. Collins area. View Classes