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To provide high quality educational programs to enhance and promote the performance of excellent life support and emergency healthcare by community members and healthcare providers



histry-icn1EdCor founded.
EdCor was founded by Midge Burrows, a 28 year RN in the Denver community with 20 years teaching medical certification classes, and a commitment to providing high quality medical certification classes according to the American Heart Association guidelines.


EdCor grows.
As EdCor grows, Tammy Turner becomes the first office personnel and takes the commitment to quality. She extends her efforts to provide high quality customer service.



histry-icn3EdCor Moves.
With the continued growth of EdCor, EdCor moves out of the home office and into its first office space in Lakewood, Colorado.


EdCor’s growth accelerates.
After moving into office space, EdCor’s growth accelerates, and Edcor moves into a larger office space with a classroom capable of seating 24 students.



histry-icn5EdCor becomes an AHA Training Center.
With the continued growth and commitment to high quality medical certification classes and customer service, EdCor becomes an American Heart Association training Center for the state of Colorado.
EdCor expands class offerings.
EdCor begins offering Emergency Nurses Association and American Academy of Pediatrics courses.


EdCor office expands.
EdCor further expands the office creating a second classroom.



histry-icn7EdCor AHA training center expands
EdCor is authorized by the American Heart Association for the entire United States.


The EdCor team is made of a group of dedicated and committed individuals. Every individual from the CEO down is focused on:

  • Providing great customer service.
  • Ensuring that the quality of education in the Edcor classes is the best in the industry.
  • Providing top-tier Training Center services to our instructors and training sites.

Many of our staff are also instructors who regularly spend time teaching and understand what it takes to deliver in the classroom.



The EdCor instructors are comprised of dedicated and knowledgeable individuals. Many of our instructors are or have been MDs, RNs, EMTs, RTs, and/or NPs with years of experience as healthcare providers and first respondents allowing them to bring real world experiences into every class.

All instructors are certified instructors for the classes they teach, by the certifying organization.

  • American Heart Association
  • Emergency Nurses Association
  • American Academy of Pediatrics

From the newest instructor to the most experienced instructor, every instructor is committed to providing the highest quality classes and ensuring every student walks away with the knowledge to apply the skills from the class.


Our hospital refers our employees to the EdCor website for courses quite regularly. EdCor always have an abundance of courses available and go out of their way to assist the employees in registering often times on a last minute basis. Our employees are able to easily search for courses and register themselves on the EdCor website directly. EdCor and I have a process in place of verifying the method of payment and handle any assignments that need to be given in a timely basis that all flows quite seamlessly.


Hospital Education Department


We moved here from Dallas, Texas back in October of 2014. We were lucky enough to be accepted by Edcor. Midge, Tammy, Audra, Amanda, Chris, Amy and everybody we have gotten to meet and work with have been fantastic!!! Anything we need is taken care of ASAP, everyone is so friendly and helpful!!! We are so lucky to have such a wonderful training center and we are proud to be a part of Edcor!

C. Brinkley

Saving American Hearts – Training Site


While working with Edcor as an AHA Training Center, I have had nothing but good experiences and customer service. Whenever I need help, as an instructor, I have been received with polite feedback and assistance. Edcor provides a wonderful service and is very professional.

Hospital Educator


After accepting a position that required TNCC and PALS certifications I looked to EdCor. Taking certification courses can be stressful, especially when your job depends on successful completion. The course instructors at EdCor were extremely knowledgeable in each of the areas and taught the courses in a manner that was easy to understand, allowing me to grasp and master the course concepts.

Lori Jackson