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EdCor – Training Site

EdCor offers a diverse array of healthcare certifications and training facilitation with flexibility in scheduling, course types, and locations to provide our customers and business partners with an unparalleled experience. In business since 2004, EdCor Training Site works with highly qualified and credentialed instructors specializing in current, experience, student-centered based education and training.

  • It is easy to get into EdCor classes, as they are offered all over the region. We can also travel to you.
  • EdCor can tailor classes for different departments (OB, RT, PACU, Dental Offices, Medical Clinics, General Office, Construction, etc.).
  • No other private training center offers AHA, ENA, and American Academy of Pediatrics classes.
Easy Billing
  • EdCor direct bill to an agency or company.
  • EdCor can scan and send copies of cards or eCard ID’s to HR departments for easy record keeping.
  • EdCor will invoice either a student or an organization. This process creates less work for hospital billing systems, as they can process just one bill for multiple students.
Organizational Evaluation/Assistance:
  • EdCor can work directly with hospitals when credentialing inspections occur.
  • EdCor can evaluate and train organizations and employees on emergency response scenarios, AED location and education, and more.
Ft. Collins Classes EdCor is now offering BLS and ACLS classes in the Ft. Collins area. View Classes